HealthNET Highlight: Joan A.

March 2019

Welcome to the second installment in our series of HealthNET Highlights, where we spotlight a HealthNET employee in an effort to provide an inside look at our team members' extensive background and expertise.

Meet Joan

Joan A. is a HealthNET consultant with 25 years of experience as a project manager for customs, interfaces, NPR requests, and software upgrades. Joan has proven MEDITECH application knowledge, specializing in Management Information Systems (MIS), Corporate Management Software (CMS), Universe (UNV), and more.

Among some of her most notable projects, Joan served as support liaison among end users, software vendors, and programmers for a MEDITECH Healthcare Information System in 200 hospitals; served as Interim IT Manager for a 477-bed community hospital; and provided support and training to hundreds of employees at a variety of health systems.

Joan worked as a MEDITECH analyst in the corporate world for 18 years before she moved into consulting, which she prefers because it affords her the opportunity to meet new people, take on new challenges, and forge new business relationships.

MEDITECH: A Happy Accident

Joan said her love of MEDITECH began “through blood, sweat, and tears” when she worked in the business office at a psychiatric hospital that was implementing MEDITECH, and she was tasked with the dictionary build. Joan discovered that she enjoyed the process of building something with a team, and continued on at the hospital’s helpdesk, where she built and supported the new software. 

“I’ve worked with MEDITECH since 1991; so I’ve been around,” said Joan, who added that she is amazed to see how far the technology has come since then. The equipment used to contain the software has evolved from the size of a commercial fridge to the size of a DVD player, or even virtual, she added.   

Joan’s Unique Approach to Consulting

Joan sees every project through the lens of a customer support role, and attributes that to her mother, who worked in customer service all her life. From the very first job Joan had working in a grocery store, she recalls the joy she received from helping people and “being the smile that they often needed to see at the end of a long day.”

Humble and No-Nonsense

If Joan had to choose flashiness over being knowledgeable, she says she’ll always choose the latter.

A self-described “country girl” through and through, she goes the extra mile to ensure the client is happy.

“I am a woman of honesty and integrity who focuses on the importance of others. I call myself a relationship person. I feel knowing the client is very important and I always try to put the client first. Even if an issue is not my issue to address, I go the extra step to make sure the client is taken care of,” said Joan.

Below is one testimonial from Debbie Finsted, RN and Manager of Nursing Informatics at Sebastian River Medical Center, where Joan provided MIS/UNV application support throughout implementation for eight Steward Healthcare facilities. 

Have a project for Joan? Email us at or call (781) 270-4000. 

“I just wanted to recognize Joan for her outstanding customer service! She has assisted with access for staff and providers more times than I can count-and even when those requests are of a STAT nature . . . she is always friendly, patient, prompt, and takes the time to find a solution to the issue at hand.”