HealthNET Highlight: Meditech Physician and CIO Forum 2018 Recap

October 2018

What an amazing week at Meditech for the 2018 Physician and CIO Forum! HealthNET is excited to be the next Meditech READY consulting vendor on the block and we were able to gain a vast amount of knowledge to help our customers moving forward. In years past, Meditech has introduced new concepts surrounding their up and coming product on a new proprietary language, M-AT. It has been a slow moving process, but we feel that the tide has turned and Meditech is truly on the up and up with some of the most advanced technology in the EHR market. Some of our key takeaways include an Extreme Excitement of Expanse, some very Powerful Keynotes, and the introduction of their Cutting Edge Future!

Extreme Excitement of Expanse
Attendance at this year’s conference was up from previous years, with a lot of high-profile health systems making an appearance. The buzz in the building was full of excitement and eager customers. There are 6x clients chomping at the bit to make the upgrade to Expanse and introduce mobile applications for their physicians with Web ED and Web Acute. The pathway for 6x clients to Expanse has been streamlined and really puts the project in reach for those clients. Several customers were actively implementing Expanse, and several additional customers are expected to sign on in Q4 2018 or Q1 2019.

Powerful Keynotes
The conference kicked off with Dr. Ted James from Beth Israel Deaconess and an intriguing discussion around improving both patient and provider experiences. He was the first speaker to mention the book Drive by Daniel H. Pink and centered on identifying and motivating providers to champion technology advances.

Day 2 kicked off with Taylor Davis from the KLAS Arch Collaborative shedding light on various satisfaction scores for EHR users. The insight from KLAS data proves that it does not matter what EHR your health system is using, but is geared toward how strong the relationship is between IT and clinical teams.  Taylor also mentioned the book Drive when discussing how to motivate clinicians with Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose for satisfactory use of EHRs and technology solutions.

Cutting Edge Future 
HealthNET is highly impressed with the direction Meditech is heading. Several key initiatives are in the proof-of-concept stage and feel like they are a tangible reality in 2019:

1. Virtual Assistant: With the help of Nuance, Meditech is developing a Virtual Assistant that works similar to Siri or Alexa. Physicians will be able to talk to the device to find patients, results, trends, notifications, and queue orders. In the web-based mobile environment, this will be a game changer to help revolutionize what we have come to know as the traditional EHR.
2. Mobile Physician App: The app will allow physicians to review and interact with patient charts, whether bedside, in a clinic, or away from the office when necessary. The potential functionality is endless as mobile devices continue to improve.
3. Greenway: Meditech announced their Greenway sandbox for app developers to innovate and further change the way the EHR is utilized and interacts with patient care. The ability for tech companies to create new apps and APIs that work with Meditech will allow for the revolutionary changes in healthcare we have all been waiting for.

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About the Author: Steve Marchi is HealthNET’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing and has 10 years of experience with electronic health records. He began his career at Meditech performing upgrades and implementations before becoming a consultant providing project management work for health systems. Steve has a diverse background with EHR systems and uses a consultative sales approach when working with our clients. For questions, please reach Steve at or (781) 425-2026.