Report Writing

Many organizations struggle with trying to get meaningful information out of their health information system in a meaningful and presentable format. The ability to do this is crucial to effectively drive change, monitor compliance, and optimize processes within the organization. HealthNET excels in many aspects of report writing across multiple vendor platforms. In addition to report writing services we provide programming resources for the following:

  • Rules and alerts
  • Advanced Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and attributes
  • PHA/RXM custom keyword development

Our teams utilize SQL, NPR, RD, DR, and other tools to provide clients with whatever is needed for data extraction and transmission.


  • Cost effective approach to get the most out of your systems
  • Streamline workflow analysis and process redesign using various reporting tools
  • Determine process improvement opportunities within the organization and provide reporting tools to manage initiatives

Our reporting staff use their advanced skill and knowledge base in systems applications and are well versed in clinical, business, and operational processes. They also have a deep understanding of how data is stored in the system making it easier for our clients to communicate their needs effectively without barriers or need for repetitive translation. Specialties include:

  • Process improvement reports
  • Patient flow/through-put reports
  • Nursing productivity/workload statistics, acuity reports
  • Quality Core Measures/Compliance statistics reports
  • Meaningful Use compliance reports
  • Pharmacy workload statistic, interventions, ADR, drug searches, custom Profile format reports
  • Medication Reconciliation reports (patient, physician, order sheets)
  • EDM patient records, statistical/turnaround time reports, ER patient logs, RXM fragments
  • Physician on-line documentation statistics, measurement, monitoring tools
  • Revenue cycle enhancement reports

Because we understand the demands of the healthcare industry, we also understand the demands that create urgent needs and the requirement for rapid turnaround times. For this reason we are committed to providing our reporting services in a timely and efficient manner based on the needs of the client.