Systems Implementations & Upgrades

Our seasoned professionals have expertise and experience working with integrated delivery systems (IDS), physician practices, clinics, health centers and payers. HealthNET is experienced with major HCIS and niche vendor products. We will work with your implementation/upgrade team to design and implement a system that provides efficiencies and leverages staff time. Our objective is to ensure that systems are designed and implemented to support your operational model now and in the future. We provide high level advisory, project management, and implementation expertise.

Database and Systems Design

  • Evaluate and develop application database and interface design
  • Identify and evaluate key components of the system
  • Review major parameter settings and table definitions
  • Evaluate output and communication: reports, forms, results reporting, faxes
  • Evaluate process improvement opportunities, Meaningful Use goals, quality measurements, and patient safety goals

Project Management

  • Develop and plan the overall implementation/upgrade schedule and design
  • Develop and monitor project plans and provide leadership
  • Coordinate work and efforts of the vendors and the organization's work groups
  • Troubleshoot issues and analysis (indicate potential delays and typical pitfalls)
  • Report progress and manage the contract to ensure vendor deliverables are provided
  • Develop team structures, schedules, roles, and responsibilities

Implementation Assistance

  • Building of the application parameters, tables, and dictionaries
  • Application/functional testing and development of test plans
  • Integration/cycle testing and development of test plans
  • Parallel testing strategy and plan development
  • Guidance in the development of detailed “Go Live” (or cut-over) plans
  • Development of updated policies and procedures
  • Troubleshoot during the actual “Go-Live”
  • Evaluation and implementation of system updates

Upgrade Assistance

  • Resource planning and development. We will provide team organization and role templates – these options will assist you in selecting the right approach for your project that will result in a coordinated and efficient approach to testing.
  • Develop project plan and tracking documentation
  • Develop change management plan for process improvement identified with new or enhanced features of the upgrade. We will consider operational requirements and your capacity for change and plan a strategy to apply the desired enhancements.
  • Building of the application parameters, tables, and dictionaries and assist in the development of your TEST and LIVE environments to support in scope change.
  • A repeatable, efficient process for testing Service Releases/Upgrade
  • Develop test plans and integration testing
  • Evaluate the service release/upgrade and identify the software changes applicable to your organization.
  • Our specialists will assist or augment your test team and provide leadership, guidance and/or mentoring using proven skills and experience.


  • Develop conversion and interface design, plan, timetable and testing plan
  • Work with vendors to convert data, test interfaces, and reconcile data